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Eia for women, Eia for Ngakapi !









Eia for women, Eia for Ngakapi !


It is me, this feast day dedicated to women , one or the other figure

Women's history has overshadowed and yet deserved

a prominent place in the pantheon of collective memory. I think

Ngakapi , a Congolese Princess heroic time of the alleged

explorers , who have their name engraved in marble, for completing the

pages and pages of stereotypes, clichés and peremptory judgments and

unjust, released in Europe on land allegedly devoid of civilization and

their wild inhabitants , hear our ancestors.

Ngapi , here is one whose beauty , grace, pride and haughty conduct have

Henry Morton Stanley destabilized , so that the latter, paragon

arrogance and proven pathological liar who does not hesitate to twist the truth usually

to maintain its legend , is forced to pay tribute to this Congolese

that unimpressed by Bula Matari and askaris (soldiers) held her

head, defending the rights of threatened colonial conquest his people.

Texts from this period including prose Stanley minore woman

African when it is not described in the most repulsive terms.

Ngakapi made ​​such an impression on the journalist explorer infatuated with his

person confess exceptional moment in his writings, he had

never met a black woman of such beauty , a character also

hardened , made to withstand both intimidation by armed men as

his attempts at tampering with gifts.

He insists that during his travels in Africa , no woman

did not make much impression on the person Ngakapi . It stresses that neither

Buganda in the court of Mutesa or elsewhere in the realms where he had to

stay he had not noticed such beauty.

Ngakapi inspired Stanley pages that contrast with its amazing

usual falsehoods and staged intended to highlight . the

that is forced to look for words and images worthy of one who resisted him

while along the river , teasers by rags and the beads

Most residents are flattened before Stanley. He will compare the Candaces , its

Nubian warriors , intrepid riders who resisted the invasions

Roman columns !

The scene on the river expected it evokes an imaginative filmmaker who recreate

screen. Ngakapi , surely that's a character peculiar to burst the screen!

One that blocked the road to Stanley , quick to fool and intimidate residents

Congo River , which at the time ceded their land without realizing

issues , accepting lousy gifts: fabrics and hats worn

whiskey bottles , and so on.

Ngakapi was the opposite of gullibility , greed , submission and

the resignation of our time further explains so many ills . Whether to

forever honored.

Eia for all those who take to the model !

Antoine Tshitungu Kongolo

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